March 26, 2021

This kebab joint is plating up anything but your regular kapsalon

When you hear the word ‘kapsalon’ the first thing that comes to mind is what all of us reach for after a quality night out. But at Pita Amsterdam in the Foodhallen, they’re on a mission to prove that a kapsalon can be so much more. Enter ‘The Reversed Kapsalon’. Yes, you read that right. This kapsalon is built up the other way around, and take it from us when we say it will change the way you think about a kapsalon forever.

The men behind Pita Amsterdam have always considered themselves kapsalon connoisseurs if you will, but they steered clear from adding it to their menu up until now. No matter how much we all might love a late night rendezvous with a kapsalon, it isn’t exactly known for its culinary reputation. Which is why the team at Pita Amsterdam decided it was time for a change, and together they came up with ‘The Reversed Kapsalon’, something you’ll be proud to eat and they’ll be proud to make for you.

They say preparation is key, and that’s exactly the case for here. Their technique ensures the lettuce and potatoes stay really crispy, making their take on the Dutch classic extra special and super tasty. First up they bake the chicken with the cheese in the oven, before serving the rest of the ingredients in that infamous aluminium tray separately, to make sure that all the flavours are preserved and you’re guaranteed a deliciously crunchy kapsalon every single time.

The team at Pita Amsterdam have reimagined the classic kapsalon.

We were lucky enough to tuck into the newest addition to Pita Amsterdam’s menu, and we guarantee that after tasting ‘The Reversed Kapsalon’, you won’t be ordering a classic kapsalon any time soon.

Order from Pita Amsterdam in the Foodhallen every Thursday through to Sunday between 12:00 and 21:30.

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