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September 1, 2021

We’ve handpicked the best Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands

With its kaleidoscopic array of dishes, Indonesian food is one of the most colourful cuisines in the world. It’s no secret that the Dutch love their satay and rijsttafel, resulting in a whole host of tasty dishes on menus all across the Netherlands.

We’ve rounded up a complete guide to the best Indonesian restaurants in a city near you. So the next time you’re craving an Indonesian feast, you’ll know where to find one.

This is where you find the best Indonesian in Amsterdam

Toko Indo Jaya
Amsterdam De Pijp

The menu platters at Toko Indo Jaya are bound to make Indonesian food your new favourite, if it wasn’t already. Their vegetarian set is a great way to sample the whole variety of Indonesian plant-based dishes. It comes with tempeh fried in a sweet kecap sauce, a broccoli mix, stir-fried green tumis beans and sayur lodeh; a vegetable soup with creamy coconut milk. You’ll want to save room for the sweet Indonesian layer cake, made with soft buttery layers of thin dough and flavoured with cardamom and cinnamon.

Indonesia Indah

Indonesia Indah plates up some of the best Indonesian sandwiches in town. The spicy shrimp baguette with spicy sambal sauce and sweet and sour vegetables is our number one pick. If you’re down for tasting a bit of everything, we recommend mixing and matching your favourites to create your own perfect menu. You can’t go wrong with the daging rendang, a rich dish of beef mea, slowly cooked in coconut milk.

Indonesia Indah plates up some of the best Indonesian sandwiches in town.

restaurant blauw


If the rave reviews don’t convince you that Betawi is one of the best Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam, then their gule kambing will. Stewed in coconut milk and bright spices, this juicy goat meat curry is a local favourite for a good reason. It pairs great with a side of stir-fried bami noodles and sambal goreng beans, cooked with coconut milk and spicy sambal.

This is where you find the best Indonesian in Rotterdam

Sate | Bread & More
Rotterdam Oosterflank

The flawless five-star rating already hints that Sate | Bread & More stands out from the crowd, but just wait until you taste their chicken satay. Grilled on a hot charcoal fire, the chicken skewers are perfectly smokey and juicy, served with a rich peanut sauce that comes in an extra spicy version as well—that is, if you dare. Don’t forget to try other satay skewers, like the beef tenderloin satay sapi, with a side of fried putih rice.

Indonesia Bergweg
Rotterdam Oude Noorden

Known for their opulent rijsttafel, Indonesia Bergweg is our best tip for top-quality Indonesian food in Oude Noorden. If it’s your first time ordering a rijsttafel—a selection of small plates—the rijsttafel istimewa is the perfect way to start. Complete with shrimp crackers, sayor lodeh veggies in coconut milk, cucumber pickles, a fresh gado gado salad with peanut dressing, chicken satay… the list goes on.

Warung Jantje
Rotterdam Hillegersberg-Noord

It’s a well-known fact that Indonesian meals are meant to be shared, and Warung Jantje’s rijsttafels can comfortably feed the whole gang. Their four person set comes with the gado gado salad with peanut dressing, chicken satay skewers, meatballs in a Balinese sauce, mini spring rolls, krupuk crackers, spicy sambal telur eggs, and meat and vegetable dishes of your choice. End things right with a slice of the layer spekkoek cake.

Warung Jantje’s rijsttafels can hands down feed the whole gang.

This is where you find the best Indonesian in The Hague

De Indo
The Hague Belgisch Park

If you’re still on the hunt for the best Indonesian restaurant in Scheveningen, De Indo might be just the place. This small bistro dishes up large rames platters, guaranteed to fill even the hungriest of stomachs. Try the nasi kuning rames with the hot sambal goreng telor egg and coconut seroendeng. The spicy sambal goreng beans with tofu should definitely be top of your list, too.


Het Balihuisje
The Hague Centrum

This hip cafe will transport you right to the sandy beaches of Bali. The main specialty here is satay, charcoal grilled chicken skewers dipped in a rich peanut sauce. We love them with the ayam sereh marinade, flavoured with lemongrass and lime juice, served with a side of rice and kroepoek crackers. Vegans haven’t been forgotten here with the tofu tempeh skewer, roasted on lava rocks and served with a sweet or spicy marinade, atjar ketimoen pickles and kroepoek crackers.

Poetri Ajoe
The Hague Statenkwartier

Famed for its vibrant and authentic dishes, this always-busy Indonesian toko is one of the most-loved hotpots in The Hague. The babi kecap, pork belly roasted in a sweet soy sauce, is one of the (many) standouts here. Another highlight is the soto ayam chicken soup with lontong rice morsels, vermicelli noodles and turmeric. If you can’t get enough of the condiments, you’ll be happy to know that you can order extra satay sauce or sambal with whatever dish you choose.

This always-busy Indonesian toko is one of the most-loved hotpots in The Hague.

This is where you find the best Indonesian in Haarlem

Coconut Trees
Haarlem Amsterdamsewijk

Coconut Trees is known to plate up some of the best Indonesian food in Haarlem, so don’t be surprised if you see a long queue as you approach the door. Locals rave about their rijsttafel, complete with fried nasi goreng rice, complete with satay skewers, bami noodles, ayam rica chicken, kroepoek chips, and even more dishes of your choice.

Haarlem Oude Stad

The man behind Samabe’s culinary success, Chef Jiani, puts a modern twist on traditional Indonesian recipes. You’ll want to try their succulent beef stews, like the daging semur, cooked with a spicy soy sauce and vegetables. For a meat-free alternative, pick the tipat cantok, a classic Balinese dish consisting of blanched vegetables, spicy peanut sauce and white rice.

Haarlem Amsterdamsewijk

Snelly is a local favourite for affordable and scrumptious Indonesian food.They also deliver until 21.25 every night, so if you find yourself craving bami rames late in the evening, you know where to go. We’re obsessed with their mihoen bowls, like the mihoen noodles with chicken filet in a peanut sauce, or the shrimp mihoen with curry sauce.

This is where you find the best Indonesian in Utrecht

Indonesisch Restaurant Djakarta
Utrecht Nobelstraat

A trendy Indonesian restaurant in Utrecht’s centre, Djakarta, serves up a wide selection of authentic specialties. Start off with their egg rolls, filled with vegetables and chicken, then check out the rames menu. Complete with the daging semur beef stew, ayam goreng fried chicken, sayur lodeh vegetable soup and even more dishes, this rames is an Indonesian feast at its finest.

restaurant blauw

Restaurant Blauw
Utrecht Binnenstad

If you’re ready to level up a notch, look no further than Restaurant Blauw. When it comes to a lavish Indonesian feast, the team here are quite the experts. We highly recommend their streetfood bites, like the risoles vega, crunchy Indonesian pancakes with a vegetarian filling—but if you want to go all in, order one of the rijsttafels. The meat and fish set comes complete with daging rendang beef stew, spicy ayam rica chicken with chilli peppers, gado gado salad, hot udang balado shrimps, and more.

If you’re ready to level up a notch, look no further than Restaurant Blauw.

Babby’s Kitchen
Utrecht Breedstraatbuurt

Babby’s Kitchen serves up homemade Indonesian food for friendly prices. An honorable mention goes to their large nasi rames. With fried rice, spicy ajam pedis chicken, beef rendang stew, green beans, egg and tempeh or tofu, you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck. Round things off with the fluffy Indonesian layered cake, and you’re all set.

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