June 1, 2021

These are the luckiest foods in The Netherlands

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan, or you just love to support your team with an extra large burger in front of your screen, UEFA EURO 2020™ has something for everyone. Celebrating the tournament’s 60th birthday, we’re bringing you the tastiest moments of UEFA EURO history, so you can test how much of a football fan you really are and maybe (hopefully) increase your team’s chance of winning—some people have lucky socks, for us it’s a lucky order. 

Join us on a journey through the top 7 delicious highlights of UEFA EURO history, and get ready for EURO 2020.

1. What do you think was the most ordered dish during the EURO 2016 final?

We love a good plot-twist moment as much as the next person, and Portugal beating France—the solid favourites—during the EURO 2016 finals definitely counts as one. In what seemed like the longest ninety minutes of our lives, France managed to slowly corner Portugal, only to concede the one and only deciding goal in extra-time. Of course, this emotional rollercoaster called for an extra carb load, resulting in a record number of pizza orders in the Netherlands. After all, what pairs better than football and the spicy diavola from Pavarotti in Leiden?

2. What city ate the most sushi rolls when Wales beat Belgium in the EURO 2016 quarter-final?

Sure, every football fan plays favourites, but we also love to see the underdog  have their moment, so when Wales won against Belgium in the EURO 2016 quarter-final, we were obviously the first ones to cheer. The Welsh fought back from one goal down to a stunning 3-1 score, their first-ever semi-final entry in a major tournament. Amsterdam fans apparently ate their way through the nerve-racking match one sushi roll at a time, judging from the impressive load of maki, nigiri and sashimi orders that day. Pay tribute to this unforgettable match with the temari sushi set from Zenzai Sushi in Amsterdam Centrum.

3. True or false: The most popular sweet treat ordered during the EURO 2020 qualifier was a milkshake

Bonafide fans will agree that the EURO tournaments offer up a never-ending supply of football highlights, like the EURO 2020 qualifier between Germany and Netherlands. With clenched jaws (and straws) we watched the Dutch score twice in seven minutes after the break, turning the game on its head and securing a sweet victory. You probably guessed, the most ordered dessert of the day was, indeed, a milkshake. If you’re feeling nostalgic, relive 2020 with the strawberry and lime milkshake from Hudson in Rotterdam.

4. Can you guess which Dutch snack won the EURO 2016 quarter-final?

When football powerhouses, Italy and Germany, met in Bordeaux back in 2016, the whole of Europe watched with bated breath. After a heroic battle and one legendary penalty shootout, Germany ultimately reached the EURO 2016 semi-finals. What you might have missed is that there was another tight victory that day—frikandel beat bitterballen orders, taking the (delicious) prize of match-day favourite. The deep fried frikandellen at Pieperz in Eindhoven are more than guaranteed to transport you right back to that glorious moment.

5. Who won the EURO 2020 qualifier, pad Thai or curry?

Poland vs Slovenia? If you were on the edge of your seat during the last qualifying match of EURO 2020, you’re not the only one. We anxiously watched on as the Polish team went head-to-head  with the Slovenians, resulting in Poland’s 3-2 victory. As for the winner in the battle of curry vs pad Thai? You might be surprised to learn that curry was the winner of the day, smashing pad Thai by landing on a record amount of plates. Fast forward two years, and the khieuw waan kai, green coconut curry with chicken, at River Kwai in Utrecht is still a winning choice.

6. Can you name the veggie champ at the EURO 2020 qualifier?

Not to be dramatic, but the EURO 2019 qualifier between Northern Ireland and the Netherlands will forever have a place in the football hall of fame. While the two teams seemed quite evenly matched at first, the Netherlands scored twice in—brace yourself—the final three minutes of the match, gaining a (literal) last-minute victory. The biggest surprise? The whopping amount of vegetarian dishes delivered across Amsterdam in the meantime. Our veggie champion is, up until this day, the meat-free rainbow burger at Meatless District in Amsterdam Oud West.

Which Dutch city ate the most kebabs during the EURO 2016 Championship quarter-final?

The EURO 2016 game between France and Iceland will forever be known as the end of Iceland’s victorious campaign through Europe; but despite their brutal 5-2 defeat, the French win was far from easy. With its countless twists and turns, it’s safe to say this battle was truly European football at its finest, with the confident Icelandic first-timers the stars of the show. Fun fact: Eindhoven fans couldn’t get enough of those classic XY kebabs during the match, and we totally understand. At the end of the day, football and the juicy kebab from Hakiki Döner in Eindhoven Woensel are the perfect match.

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